This comprehensive report outlines the city's plan for transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources to achieve the city’s target of reaching net zero by 2050. Based on whole system modelling, the plan identifies the most cost effective pathways to decarbonise whilst maximising the co-benefits to local communities. It provides an evidence base and plan to help engage businesses and citizens to decarbonise their activities.

Key Highlights

Focus Areas: It identifies priority areas including energy efficiency upgrades for buildings, expanding rooftop solar and transitioning to low carbon heating.

Public-Private Partnership: Successful implementation will require collaboration between the city council, utilities, businesses, universities and residents.

Job Creation: Estimates show that shifting to these low carbon pathways could create over 500 new green jobs.

This is an exciting and crucial initiative for our city's sustainable future. With commitment from all of us, Belfast can become a model for clean energy adoption.